Harsh's New & Improved Auger Discharge - Innovatively Maintenance Friendly

Harsh's engineering and design team has been LISTENING TO YOU...



The auger discharge has always proved to offer a more consistent flow and finishing fluf while unloading.

Standard Harsh equipment just became EVEN better. 

You suggested that;

                          • the bearings could last longer
                          • with wet rations the bearings rust
                          • it sure is a lot of work to remove the sprockets and chains just to change the auger
                          • It sure would be nice if the liners didn't take so long to change out
                          • The drop spout isn't very forgiving when bumped into a trough

What did we do?

  • A double back plate, spaced 10 inches apart to better support two flange bearings - offering a much greater shaft stability
  • The bearing directly behind the auger is now machined from a solid block of oil impregnated UHMW (Long life, will not rust and handles wet rations)
  • No tools required to change the augers  -- just slide the old ones off and replace with the new.
  • No welding, and only a couple bolts to loosen and your liners  can be changed out in just a few minutes.
  • the new drop spout is shorter, but with a rubber extension which allows for that unintended bump against the bunk.



You may also take a look at the 3D PDF of the new discharge

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