Specialized Dairy Mixers

The ALL NEW HAYSIZER incorporates the EZ-MIX system into a hay processing mixer that is perfect for the Dairy industry and Background operations. (read more)...

The Harsh Haysizer utilizes the true mixing action of the 4 auger system and includes hay processing capabilities of square baled or loose hay making it a winner for high forage rations. The gentle mixing action of the EZ-MIX system will be a benefit to any operation, large or small. Harsh has met the demands of the industry with a mixer capable of blending many types of forage into a true Total Mixed Ration, without separation of low volume ingredients or grain. The ALL NEW HAYSIZER gives you a perfect mix, and processes roughage, without separation during the mixing process. Even distribution of the ration at the bunk from start to finish. All this with LOWER TORQUE REQUIREMENTS, means savings in time and fuel costs.

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