Feed & Dairy Mixers

Feed & Dairy Mixers

Harsh, the original Four Auger Mixer
Just Keeps Getting Better

Constant improvement, updating for further economy and lower maintenance, results in more efficiency for you. Things change, feed requirements, specifications, etc. But other things are so well engineered they do the job for decades. We improve where needed and leave alone what has been proven over time.

HARSH eDrive Mixers The all new Harsh eDrive series of stationary mixers combines the rugged durability Harsh is widely known for with a state of the art all electric individual drive system. The Harsh eDrive powers each auger individually allowing the mixer to adapt to changing rations at the touch of a button. By utilizing variable frequency drives the new eDrive system offers you the freedom to alter auger speeds and adapt to any ration changes you may encounter. Lower maintenance and lower electrical costs are only a few samples of the list of benefits the new eDrive will do…
Harsh's engineering and design team has been LISTENING TO YOU...    
Harsh has been the mixer all other mixers were measured by for decades, now HARSH’S ALL NEW EZ-MIX SYSTEM has set the bar a little higher. We have put 65 years of mixer knowledge together with a very dedicated team of professionals and came up with the first mixer that doesn’t have a favorite ration, and the best part is we did not have to reinvent the mixer to do it. Our new EZ-MIX SYSTEM is the gentlest mixer available today for steam flaked grain rations, in addition to the best mixer for high percentage wet distillers grain rations, even total roughage…
Here is a sample of what we have been moving toward in engineering. Our 2015 objective is to have 3D parts manuals for all  current Harsh models which will include the GTD, discharge, hydraulic hoses as well as all the variations for World, FEPTO and electrical/ wiring routing.
Harsh had included the NEW slide tray system as an option for the application where the auger discharge is not necessary.  Click in the red area to read more and to view a video of the slide tray in action.  
The ALL NEW HAYSIZER incorporates the EZ-MIX system into a hay processing mixer that is perfect for the Dairy industry and Background operations. (read more)...
Computer-engineered 3Ddesigns, laser profiling, high-tech robotics, lasers, plasma punches and C.N.C. turning and forming centers yield quality parts which equate to savings for you.
The Harsh mixer can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Truck, trailer and stationary models, in various capacities produce a quality mix in a minimum amount of time.
There's more usable load capacity per linear foot and the mixer retains its original shape through tons of feed since the body is built with a ribbed frame for longer wear and greater strength. Ease of maintenance is provided by convenient access to major drive components.
The auger discharge ensures even flow while also further mixing and fluffing the feed as it is feed into the bunk.   The hydraulically-driven auger-type discharge has less problems and lower maintenance because of few moving parts.   Dual or Triple auger option as well as various lengths of discharge are available to suit your needs.   NEW shorter spout with a rubber extension offers that little bit of forgiveness in the case of a misjudged approach to or exlit from the bunk.
This is an evolved system, tried and proven.  From the very first Harsh box built in 1954 to today Harsh continues to research and test the latest technologies so that the mixer you purchase is manufactured by and with the most suitable means and products available to date.  From gear boxes, hydraulic drive systems and materials used to optimize durability to ongoing manufacturing skills training, robot utilization and machine technologies to further enhance robustness as well as ensured economic viability (the best possible product for the best possible price)...
Our large diameter augers provide a gentle mixing action which combines the ingredients for optimum nutrition for your livestock. The auger system has proven to be the most efficient and economical method. Nearly every style of feed mixer uses one or more augers.
Trued auger flanged surfaces which reduce distortion and offer ease of replacement. Externally-mounted auger bearings of common size are standard through out. This means quality mixers that last longer and operate smoother.

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