A New Delivery Box.

Harsh is proud to introduce an All New Delivery Box. Harsh has moved away from the outdated chain floor system with it’s All New twin push auger design. The new design eliminates the need for front beaters, and has a very simple yet effective drive design. The All New Delivery box has 10 gauge stainless steel sides, and ¼” stainless bottoms, in lieu of traditional weld in liners. The durable construction will add up to many years of use beyond traditional designs. The simple push auger design has an independent drive system, which is much more efficient than the dated  drag chain floors. No more broken chains with a full load of feed. Accurate and even feed delivery every time. Call you Harsh dealer today to set up a demo and see the difference for yourself.



Our new Delivery Box



Model: Custom Sizes
Location: Eaton, Co
Contact: Tim or Isaac
Phone #: 970-454-2291 OR 800-227-1702