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Harsh Hoist Chosen As Ideal Solution In The U.K.


December    2013

The fact is - either by tradition, experience or most likely a blend of both - Scottish tipper operators generally prefer bigger bodies.



December 2013

The fact is - either by tradition, experience or most likely a blend of both - Scottish tipper operators generally prefer bigger bodies. Or, perhaps, English hauliers choose smaller ones. Either way, when Central Demolition of Bonnybridge was supplied with bodies having sides of insufficient height, it was to Thompsons that they looked to for a solution.
Now one of the most prominent tipper companies in Scotland, the Central Demolition fleet has to be able to handle any job put to it. Some of these are exceptionally demanding, such as clearing rubble, steelwork and concrete from demolition sites. Others place particular importance on payload volume, such as in the company’s steadily expanding recycling operations.
So in tipper terms, one body has to be able to handle it all. “Now that we’ve got them, that is surely the high-sided, full-spec Loadmaster” says Central’s managing director Ross Craig. “These bodies give us all the strength we need, yet with a volume bonus as well. Whatever jobs we put these trucks on,” Ross adds, “we know we’ve got the best possible solution.” Fitted to both Renault and DAF 8x4 chassis, the trucks typically provide a working payload of around 19 tonnes, their specification also including heavy duty Harsh K110N Underfloor Stabilized Tipping Gear for maximum strength and rigidity.
Tony Stevenson, sales manager for Thompsons in Scotland comments: “whilst Loadmaster is already the UK’s top selling tipper body, the version just supplied to Central Demolition really does represent the top of the range. Over and above the standard model’s heavy duty double - skinned construction and four fixed corner posts, the spec for Central includes a 5mm Hardox floor, taller 1350mm high sides with Hardox internal liners, barn doors and a Hardox pushbar.
Whatever loads these trucks need to carry, they have the optimum body to do it with.”
To cover the varying loads the Harsh Flip N Go was the obvious choice, with it’s galvanised steel arms, Heavy duty mesh sheet and reliable electric motor.
As well as tippers, Central Demolition’s extensive fleet also includes hookloaders, skiploaders and various tractors, trailers and specialist rigids for moving plant and associated construction equipment.
In charge of specifying and running the fleet is Murray Brodie, who makes another important point about running such a varied operation: “It’s not just the equipment that’s important, it’s also the quality of response we get from our suppliers and their ability to give us speedy, practical and often individual solutions to our requirements.
In this case, and in every area, Thompsons really has delivered the goods.”

Ultimate Underfloor Stabilised Tipping Gear From  Harsh

HARSH Ultimate Range which includes

  • World Leading Safety and Stability
  • 76kgs Lighter than Edbro TS
  • Fully Chromed Cylinders
  • High Pressure Piston Pump
  • Fastest Tipping Cycle
  • Higher Angle of Tip
  • CE Certificate of Conformity (free insurance policy against health and safety liabilities)
  • 3 Year Full Kit Warranty

Striving for excellence is at the very heart of Harsh; our people, our products and our whole concept of total customer care.


HARSH – the world’s best

  • Unequalled rigidity
  • Superior stability
  • Unmatched safety
  • Exceptional durability
  • Premium reliability
  • High speed
  • Minimal weight
  • Load cell compatible
  • Lowest cost of ownership

The HARSH Principle: pure & simple  

HARSH patented the simple yet ingenious ‘Rigid Lift’ design. 

Sturdy hydraulic cylinders mounted within our unique stabiliser provide a single mechanical unit, which locks the chassis squarely in line with the body.  

Telescopic rams then do the lifting – nothing else

Giving optimum stability and safety with absolute mechanical reliability.               

The Worlds best ….. made better   

Stabiliser frame – special high tensile side rails, large diameter thick wall crosstube. Ensuring we are the most stable and rugged unit on the market.

Chrome – The latest micro-crack technology plus precision grinding and polishing give an unmatched finish to the sealing surface, significantly improving sealing capabilities and seal life.               

Seals – Double lip energizer seals made from new high technology material that is both softer and more durable than conventional polyurethane. As a result both sealing performance and longevity are enhanced.

Bushes – HARSH trunnion bearings are produced from aircraft-grade alloy combining exceptional strength, lightweight and resistance to corrosion.

Finish – Every HARSH hoist has a durable and attractive finish, resulting from our heavy investment in to environmentally friendly, high quality water based paint technologies.