Model 15A-N Full-Wave Quadrifilar Helix Antenna Right-Hand Circular Polarization

The Synergetics Model 15A is a hemispherically  omnidirectional antenna optimized for maximum gain at low elevation angles.  The 15A is a lightweight, resonant, full-wave Quadrifilar Helix antenna phased  for right-hand circular polarization. The pattern is optimally shaped to give  maximum gain just above the horizon (where path losses are minimal). The model  15A antenna provides improved performance over the half-wave Quadrafilar Helix  (14A) for all low-orbiting satellite applications. The 15A will also provide  optimum performance for satellite platforms located at higher latitudes. For  platforms with look angles above 45 degrees elevation, the model 14A antenna  should be used. The 15A antenna is matched using the exclusive Synergetics  MICRO-FEED, resulting in superior axial ratio, SWR, and bandwidth. The sealed  radome is constructed of G-10 fiberglass with a white, two-part polyurethane  paint for long life under hostile atmospheric conditions.