Roller Grinder

The quality that is designed and built into every Harsh/Denver Roller Grinder & Flakers are the combined result of engineered features that are influenced by industry experience; and manufacturing (fabrication/assembly) processes that incorporate the latest industry standards from Computer Aided Design to Solid Modeling.

Engineered features include: vibration free floor mount belt guards, hyperbolic feed path from cooker, journal bearings ground to 30 micron finish, and control locations designed with the operator in mind.

Harsh/Denver Roller Grinders & Flakers off the advantages of low maintenance, low operating expense, extraordinary useful service life, and high capacity; making the initial investment wholly consistent with the economics of recovery.

The Quality, Features, and Advantages of Harsh/Denver Roller Grinders work together to insure a finished product that will exceed the most demanding expectations of reliability, maintenance, operating expense, and service life.