Discharge Slide Tray System (NEW)

Harsh had included the NEW slide tray system as an option for the application where the auger discharge is not necessary. 

Click in the red area to read more and to view a video of the slide tray in action.


The Harsh design team has been working non-stop to make an industry standard even better. The All New slide tray discharge is proof of that. Once again we have listened to our industry and designed a simpler discharge to compliment a time proven mixer design. This isn’t rocket science, just a simple improvement to make an already good mixer one step better. Fewer moving parts and less maintenance just makes sense. The new Harsh team is working hard to make a product that will perform up to expectations, and handle any ration with ease.

Harsh will still offer the traditional auger discharge as we always have, but have improvements to the old design in the works. We have in process a new design with augers that can be removed without tools, and an improved drive system. The Harsh team has taken a hard look at making a discharge that will be easier to service, and have longer lasting components.

Call your HARSH dealer today and set up a demo, and see for yourself what the New Harsh can do for your operation.  


See the slide tray in action (Click Here to View the Video)