Updating Current Model Mixer Parts Manuals (Sneak Peak Preview & Directions Click Here)

Here is a sample of what we have been moving toward in engineering.

Our 2015 objective is to have 3D parts manuals for all  current Harsh models which will include the GTD, discharge, hydraulic hoses as well as all the variations for World, FEPTO and electrical/ wiring routing.

This is a 3D pdf. File which allows you to move, rotate and view the product.

I will be adding a video instructional to the Harsh web site that will show how to use this pdf as a parts manual.

Basics are;

1. For starters, open the file

2. press the right mouse button and then select (Show Model Tree)

At this point you can use your mouse pointer (press and hold left button) to move and rotate the model or (left click to select any component of the mixer and see what the part number is.

In the left column (Model Tree) you will see that there are part numbers with a box with a check mark to the left of the number which when you click on the check mark you can hide that item. 

For instance, if you wish to view inside the oil bath you would;

  1. rotate the mixer so that the oil bath is visible
  2. left click on the oil bath door
  3. the door will change to a redish color
  4. the number in the model tree will now also be highlighted
  5. left click on the check mark and this will HIDE the door to make the sprockets, chains and bearings visible.